Laser Trencher and Plow Machine Control

topcon machine control for trencher and plow

A combination of reliable, ruggedized components, unmatched innovation and performance

Topcon's 2D laser systems represent a great leap in grade control. Completely user friendly, user definable and upgradeable, they are flexible enough to apply even the most difficult jobs.System V laser control features a smooth and consistent hydraulic response.

The laser control system can include a slope sensor to control the steady slope of the pipe box. The laser plane itself will present the wanted slope and elevation to the operator via indicator lights or even send corrections to the machine's hydraulics.With 2D laser control the operator is really in control. Slope elevation, speed and efficient.


Inter-Drain Trencher Laser Machine Control 

 All Inter-Drain trenchers and ploughs can be equipped with an automatic laser or GPS machine control, to control the slope and elevation of the pipe or cable.

The machine control is connected to the hydraulic system of the machine and will automatically control the slope and elevation by direct control over the machines hydraulics.

A standard laser transmitter rotates up to 900 rounds per minute and sends out a constant laser beam. Each turn setting the job reference, either flat or under a single/double slope.

The machine mounted receiver detects this beam and sets the digging or plough unit elevation reference with the same frequency. This together with the slope sensor and control box gives the operator complete machine control over the trencher or plough. Imagine the accuracy to get the job done.






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